Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jelly Bean for Advent Vega/PoV now Alpha 2

Scanno has kept his promise, today he releases the JellyBean for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra and other P10AN01 clones, with Alpha 2 status. About a week ago, scanno has release VegaBean Alpha 1 for preview. This newly developed Jelly Bean ROM has been a collaboration between EJTagle, Brucelee666 and scanno himself. EJTagle do all the kernel and driver work, the post did not mention what part Brucelee666 take, but I guess he had helped EJTagle with the driver work. Scanno is the cheft who cook the ROM :).
Scanno did not reveal very much information to cover, may be he’ll do it soon. He did mention that almost everything is working, especially the sound. For those who has problem with bad NAND block, scanno has freed 10% space on /system for a better chance for the ROM to be written safely on your NAND memory.

Skype user?
Yes, I think scanno want to give a good news for the member using skype. Skype is now working, but he only test it against the skype test call.

He only mention one problem, the portrait mode, without any further information about the problem. With this information, I guess application like Instagram or Path which use portrait interface mostly, will also have a problem. But, this is not yet confirmed by hand test.

If you want to give support for this brand new promising ROM, go to the thread at tabletroms. There has been four positive responses already. Download the ROM, give your feedback and some donation for scanno cs. That would be a nice thing to do, cheers!

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